Tuesday, 21 June 2016

John Whelan's artwork has been selected for Perceptions 2016 :The Art of Citizenship.

John Whelan's work has been selected for the upcoming exhibition programme, Perceptions 2016: The Art of Citizenship organised by the Crawford Art Gallery, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and Cork City Council Arts Office. This event aims to broaden the range of voices, visions, perceptions and approaches to creativity that the public engages with in cultural venues.  
John Whelan's work.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Educate Together at the Open Studio.

Children from the Educate Together Primary School visited the Expanding Realities Open Studio, where they were inspired by John Whelan's paintings.
John painting in the Open Studio.

Children from the Educate Together School in the OPen Studio.

Friday, 17 June 2016

John experimenting the the Expanding Realities dance workhop.

John dancing.

John with Yvonne Condon (GASP) and Inma Pavon at the dance workshop.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Dancing with Inma Pavon

Inma's Dance Workshop has been running all week as part of Expanding Realities.

John Whelan drawing.

John Whelan, Inma Pavon and a ghostly figure.

John Whelan at work in the Expanding Realities Open Studio.

The Open Studio component of Expanding Realities was a great way for the artists to see each other's work process and be inspired.

Spike Island trip.

The Expanding Realities trip to Spike Island was an opportunity for all the artists to explore travel, mobility, freedom and home; themes that are currently being explored by the GASP artists. They travelled by foot, train and boat to reach the Island, which is abundant in culture and a history of religion and incarceration.  It was also an opportunity to experiment together and share some of the project experiences up to that point. Belén Sanchez brought her mobile music machine, Dave Pearse shared poetry, Imna Pavon, Yvonne Condon, Itziar Martín Montes and John Whelan shared some of their dance collaboration, and Derek Foot and Jeff Johns focused on gathering sound recordings for the day.

Word Play on the Island!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Expanding Realities artists kick off a collaborative process with dancer Inma Pavan

John Whelan took part in a collaborative dance workshop with Inma Pavon on the first day of Expanded Realities Cork leg.
John and Inma work on a dance piece together.